Doing the right kind of proposal that not only…

  • answers all the questions in the RFP, but also
  • speaks to the potential client in their language, about their problems, and then
  • tells them that your organization has THE ANSWER to what they need

is PRICELESS … or at least, a very good idea!

If your organization is still laboring to explain what a good company it is at the start of a proposal, then some serious work needs to be done.

As in any marketing exercise, first engaging the client in what they are interested in is key.
Knowing their issues is key and then relating to their issues is part of the process of gaining an understanding between you; even at the proposal stage.

And, when you couple that with a great presentation outlining your understanding of their issues and then providing the answer as to why your organization is going to be good for them … that really is priceless!